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Welltrack COO says taking part in the program will help scale and amplify the business. Though it only just got started, they’ve already learned a lot.

500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund with a network of startup programs headquartered in Silicon Valley.

The number of students seeking mental health services is growing five times faster than enrollment, Kelly Field reports for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Rhode Island BAR Association
Nov 2016

Rhode Island Bar Association in partnership with Coastline EAP offers new affilition with WellTrack

University of Windsor
September 2016

Dr. Mohsan Beg & Faculty of Nursing students discuss their experience with WellTrack

Therapy is an effective method of treatment for mental illness, but 2/3 of students who could benefit won’t seek help through traditional means, so we seek to provide access to those students that need help but will never make an appointment

University of Windsor
Sept 2016

Implemented at the University of Windsor in September, WellTrack is an app originally established in New Brunswick. The point of the app is to keep track of your mental health and suggest modules that you should watch based on the results of your tracking. So far, it has been well-received.

The Counseling Center would like to announce our newest on-line tool…WellTrack. Welltrack is a self-help program specifically designed for help with stress, anxiety, and depression.

WellTrack is meant to help users through computerized cognitive behavioural therapy. The platform tracks moods through diary entries and provides personalized therapy through an activity scheduler or relaxation exercises.