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MoodCheck, the companion mobile app to WellTrack, provides users with a quick and easy way to check their mood while on the go. MoodCheck is available for free from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

The program provides students with a number of online tools and resources aimed at helping them manage stress, anxiety, depression and phobias.

9 Universities across Atlantic Canada take part in a MoodCheck Challenge to raise awareness of Mental Health

Welltrack is an online self-help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) resource for coping with anxiety, depression, and phobia available FREE to all UTSC student as of October 2015.

DAL and Kings College
Oct 2015

Web-based counselling service offers option to people who don’t seek treatment

“There’s a ton of research that shows that if you include these kinds of tools with therapy, people get much better,”

Take the Wellness Assessment and measure your levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Begin a course tailored for you to address your needs and engage with WellTrack over the next few weeks.