Organizational Statement 6/24/22


ProtoCall has been making it a priority to focus on addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in our company, where we can work directly on those factors that support the wellbeing and sense of belonging of our own employees. It’s here where we can best strive to create the kind of opportunity we would wish for everyone, everywhere.  And we know that there is much still to accomplish within our organization.


There are also times when it becomes particularly important for ProtoCall to vocalize our position on larger issues impacting the world around us and the communities we serve, and therefore our own employees and their families. We are deeply concerned by the growing number of anti-LGBTQ2SIA+ laws in numerous states, the growing politicization of governance in Higher Education, and the Supreme Court decisions of the last 2 days. This far reaching surge of regressive legislation and policy making creates new risks, further marginalizes, and threatens the wellbeing of the people and communities we serve, as well as our own employees.


ProtoCall stands opposed to these regressive, divisive and politically motivated efforts to further marginalize vulnerable communities, limit equal rights for LGBTQ2SIA+ and BIPOC communities and restrict access to reproductive rights.  We encourage all employees to find opportunities to make their voices heard throughout their own communities and engage in the political process at the ballot box.


As an organization, we reaffirm ProtoCall’s professional and ethical obligation to ensure that we are practicing the very opposite of this current divisiveness by doing all that we can to make sure that ProtoCall remains a safe and accessible place for all callers; ensuring that we are providing non-judgmental access to care, no matter the background, presenting issue, or how a call came to us.  ProtoCall rejects any state or federal law or policy that, directly or indirectly, violates generally accepted standards of professional care, professional licensing, and or accreditation relevant to our staff and scope of practice.  Any ProtoCall employee that experiences any specific concern that our ability to serve any caller is being infringed upon by any such state, local, or customer policy is asked to immediately raise that issue with the supervisor or manager on duty.


In all ways, whether dealing with our colleagues, our customers, or our callers, we at ProtoCall are committed to practicing the very same values of compassion, inclusion, and acceptance which we hope to see in the world around us.


The ProtoCall Leadership Team